The costume consists of a dark-brown open cut cloak of fake fur with multicoloured tail on a wire frame, velvet britches of the matching colour, orange slippers, and the removable cock’s head part with red crest. Actor’s face is opened. The sleeves of the cloak are made in the shape of wings with feathers. The costume is suitable for a 165-170 cm tall actor.

This is the costume of a cocky and saucy character which is spectators’ favourite both at kindergartens and schools. Order other costumes of farm animals from our assortment – chickens, sheep and piglet, and create a genuine farming fairy tale with cheerful adventures and bright heroes! Feathers on the costume wave when in movement creating additional entourage. Opening for face allows animator to communicate with spectators, while the comfortable costume makes it possible to conduct different contests and participate in fiery round dances!

The costume can serve as a symbol of a company (e.g. a pet shop, a bird farm, or a company producing poultry feed) during presentations, exhibitions or fairs. Besides, such a niche characters will decorate any children’s event – gladden your kid with presence of a bizarre guest, which will give him or her memorable moments and leave the sea of vivid impressions!