Mascot costume of deer was made for participation in the annual BigBank marathons in accordance with sketches. The costume consists of a brown faux fur one-piece jumpsuit, brown gloves with red hooves, brown boots and red color scarf and short. There are antler on deer’s head, and a small hole for the view in the mouth, animator’s face hidden. Back side of the costume has a zip fastener. Sports image of a deer complements with the gold medalThe costume is suitable for a 180cm tall animator.

Cheerful puppets perfect for fun children’s parties and sporting events! Comfortable construction of the life size mascot allows conducting active events; participate in round dances and contests requiring agility. This costume is suitable for carrying out public holidays and corporate events, entertaining children at amusement parks, distributing balloons, taking photos, and, of course, sharing your ultra white smile! Besides, this life size mascot can serve as a symbol of your company during expositions, fairs and sports events. Such a positive character will attract visitor’s attention and leave only the most positive impressions of your brand or event.