If your company is a lucky owner of a nice life size mascot or a costume-mascot, most probably you have already faced the necessity to perform its maintenance. Different weather conditions (snow, rain, sun, mud, dust, etc.) cause the costumes to gradually lose their lively appearance, colours bleach, and the life size mascot looks miserably and untidy in general.

Since standard dry-cleaners specialise in washing general clothes, cleaning of life size mascots can cause certain difficulties. Probably you have already had an unpleasant experience of handing in the life size mascot to a local dry-cleaner’s and not getting the desired result – some stains remained in their places, while some parts of the costumes were irrevocably lost. What to do in this case?

As our company specialises in manufacturing life size mascots, we are the ones who know best how to correctly take care of these products. Please address our company concerning the issues of costume-mascot cleaning. You can be sure that we will offer the top-quality services of life size mascots cleaning. Our specialist utilise only the agents and technologies that cannot in any way harm the material of which the costume is made. Applying modern equipment, we can reassure you that any stain, even the most resistant, can be removed. Use our services and learn that after cleaning of costume-mascot performed by our specialists it will regain fresh appearance! It is not surprising that many owners of life size mascots, having turned to our services once, return to us and become regular clients.

Alongside cleaning of life size mascots our company specialises in repairing costumes-mascots. Public and children’s events are very joyful yet simultaneously harmful for a costume. Small kids are always eager to pull the tail, ears, paws and other part of the body of the fairytale character. If it happens regularly, the life size doll can receive slight damage. Our specialists will take on reanimation of your favourite mascot with love and care! As a rule, repair of a life size mascot is reduced to sewing on the torn off body parts, mending holes and removing scuffs. However, at times more serious repair of costume-mascot is required – for example, when some part of the mascot is lost or permanently ruined. Most frequently these are gloves and slippers, as these parts are in constant contact with persons, things, surfaces and elements of the frame. Still, it is not the reason for being upset – we possess the assortment of textiles required to manufacture a replica of such an element of the costume. Be sure that no one will ever notice the change, and your life size mascot will shine with the same beauty!

Cleaning and repair of a life size mascot is very important for the company it represents. Dirty and sloppy symbol of the company can harm its image and lead to decrease in demand for provided services or goods. Life size mascot should always have attractive and tidy looks – therefore, it is necessary to regularly use the cleaning and repair services. Our company offers high-quality services at reasonable price. By entrusting us your costume, you can be sure that you give it to safe hands! Owing to rich work experience, craftsmen at «AugumaLelles.lv» can perform their task with highest quality and in short terms.