The costume consists of an oval-shaped body part, trousers, boots and gloves. The costume is made of fake fur of high quality. Mouth area is made of semi-transparent material allowing a person inside the costume to see the surrounding environment. Front side of the costume holds the logo of the company – Delma. Animator’s height is unlimited.

This costume was manufactured for advertising purposes of Delma company. It is made of pleasant to the touch and wear-resistant material, and is very comfortable for use. «Auguma Lelles» offers manufacturing of custom made life size mascots which will meet all the requirements of your company.

Exclusive custom made costumes allow companies to arrange spectacular and memorable advertising campaigns, presentations and sales promotions. They help showing up in public events and, therefore, improving recognition of your brand. This is a perfect opportunity for you to increase the number of clients, boost their mood and produce the best impression. Your personal life size mascot is the sign of success and original approach towards representation of your brand. «Auguma Lelles» manufacture life size mascots only of the finest quality. Our costumes-mascots completely match the original characters of campaigns.