The mascot costume of the «Turtle Wax» is made in the shape of a turtle with cylinder hat. The body is very light construction of foam rubber that allows the animator to move and breeze freely. Pants, shoes and arms are made of bright synthetic material. The frame of the mascot (turtle shell) is covered with a dense fabric as well, there is a logo on chest of turtle. The costume is complemented by a black cylinder hat on the head, there is a hole in the mouth for viewing (the animator’s face is hidden). This bright talisman attracts the attention of the public and will impress everyone.

This mascot costume is suitable for public and promo activities, as well as children’s events and performances. The smart design of mascot makes the costume usage very comfortable. If your company is also required exclusive mascot, order it from our masters – with a rich experience, we create a hight quality mascots costumes that fully meet all the stated requirements.

Branded mascot costume allows create spectacular and memorable advertising campaigns, presentations and social events. Own mascot is a sign of success and original approach of brand promotion.