The costume consists of a brown velvet one-piece jumpsuit with a light inset on the belly, brown gloves, soft slippers of the matching colour and the removable beaver’s head. Mouth area of the head has an opening for animator’s face. Back side of the costume has a small tail and a zip fastener. The costume is suitable for a 180cm tall animator.

The most smiling life size mascot from our assortment! It is perfect for joyous children’s holidays (matinees, graduations, New Year’s parties, and stage plays) – young spectators simply adore this costume-mascot and its huge teeth! Comfortable construction of the life size mascot allows conducting active events; participate in round dances and contests requiring agility. This costume is suitable for carrying out public holidays and corporate events, entertaining children at amusement parks, distributing balloons, taking photos, and, of course, sharing your ultra white smile! You can use our holiday arrangement services featuring this jolly mascot and create a brilliant entertainment show.

Besides, this life size mascot can serve as a symbol of your company during expositions, fairs and sports championships. Such a positive character will attract visitor’s attention and leave only the most positive impressions of your brand or event.