Big plush heart – life size mascot made of high quality red faux fur. The foam rubber mascot body keeps excellent shape and very light-weight, so it easy to use, animator is able to act freely and breathe through a hole between the eyes. Costume heart supplements black hands, white gloves and red shoes. Cute and happy mascot face will delight both children and adults. The animator height is not limited.

White heart-suit looks pretty large, it is easy enough to be transported even at the backseat of the car, allowing you to quickly come to the event and surprise guests. No matter: wedding, birthday, corporate event or just flowers delivery – the most glamorous plush heart to cope with any challenge. This mascot will become original and unforgettable part of any event.

Big plush heart is perfect for the role of mascot of wedding agency or romantic parties sponsor/organizer. Your personal life size mascot is the sign of success and original approach towards representation of your brand.