The costume consists of a yellow sphere (tennis ball), black blouse and pants, white fur gloves and slippers, as well as a black top hat. Front side of the hat is made of semi-transparent fabric, so that a person wearing the costume can see the surrounding environment. The design of the costume is based on soft foam frame. Animator’s height is unlimited.

This life size mascot is perfect for using at sports events, such as a Sports Day or city and international competitions. The costume of this tennis ball was used as a mascot during a tournament held in St. Petersburg. This vivid and spectacular mascot will definitely catch fancy of spectators of sporting events and cheer up competitors. The team of “Auguma Lelles” craftsmen manufactures costumes of different sports balls and other accessories (football, basketball, volleyball, tennis racket, etc.). Therefore, if you are planning on a sports event, it is high time to take care of creation of a friendly and pleasant atmosphere with help of these positive life size mascots!

This costume-mascot can also serve as a symbol of a company (for example, a sports goods shop, a tennis court or a sports club) during presentations, opening of a branch office and public festive events.