PINS is a loyalty management company which provides its customers with insight and strategy in loyalty and marketing programs and customer experience management. PINS is a global and innovative loyalty program with more than 700 local, global and online partners represented. The loyalty currency for the program is PINS, which you can collect daily and spend it on flights, cinema & bus tickets, SPA treatments, car parking, gift cards from local merchants or more than 2000 other products and experiences available online.

PINS mascot is funny guy with large eyes, so masters of Auguma Lelles paid a lot attention to details to make mascot costume easy in use and to look similar to provided sketches. PINS mascot costume consists of different parts: mask-head, light t-shirt with long sleeves, trousers, wide shorts on suspenders and canvas boots. Costume is made of high quality synthetic fabrics specially choose for this costumes. To complete view of character, there are a lot of details were carefully produced for mascot costume: eyes, hears, hairs. A hole that allows to breathe and see the surroundings is located in the mouth of the head, so animator face is hidden. The suit is designed to height of 180cm.

This mascot costume is suitable for sports and promo activities, as well as children’s events and performances. The smart design of mascot makes the costume usage very comfortable. If your company is also required exclusive mascot, order it from our masters – with a rich experience, we create a hight quality mascots costumes that fully meet all the stated requirements.

Branded mascot costume allows create spectacular and memorable advertising campaigns, presentations and social events. Own mascot is a sign of success and original approach of brand promotion.