Cosplay (costume play) festivals started to appear at the international level in the second half of the 1980s. The prototype of the cosplay are characters of cartoons, video games, movies, comic books, legends and myths. Astraea – busty hero of Japanese comics “Sora no Otoshimono”, named in honor of the Greek goddess of justice and has superhuman physical characteristics.

Costume “Astraea” consists of female body (overalls) and a removable head-mask with long blond hair tied up with ribbons. There is a small hole in mouth of the mask for viewing and breathing (actor’s face is closed). Costume includes items that can be changed: blue vest with wings on the back, white-blue skirt, black-white plates for hands and a soft white-blue boots. There is lightning at the back of the “body”. Costume was made to order taking in mind actors height and 20 other parameters of the owner. A lot of different trifles (collar, etc.) were made to provide mascot with maximal similarity of original anime character. Such unique costume is a great handmade work of our masters. Synthetic materials of high quality were used for mascot productions.

Our mascot costumes always draw a lot of attention and are ideal for any kind events! In addition, they can serve as a symbol of your company during exhibitions and presentations, as well for participation in advertising campaigns.