Po – the main hero of “Kung Fu Panda” cartoon series. He is energetic, a bit silly and unlucky fat guy, who wears simple pants made of burlap with a striped red-and-yellow belt. He has a simple outlook on life and a natural sense of humor. Trying to amuse others, he always jokes and not afraid to laugh even at himself. Unexpectedly chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy, he begins training under the supervision of Master Shifu and learn Kung Fu with the Furious Five.

Movies about Kung Fu Panda are filled with a high sense of humor, spectacular battles with martial arts and high quality visual effects. All these features have been taken in mind for establishing mascot costume, which consists of several parts. The most volumetric part of costume is a plump body made of the black-and-white faux fur with arms, legs and a tiny tail. Back side of the costume has a zip fastener, pants and striped belt are attached at waistline. There is a hole in the mouth of head-mask, so animator can look and breathe easily. Much attention was paid to the facial details: eyes, nose, smile with teeth, chubby cheeks – an integral part of the character. Costume is complemented with black gloves with claws and boots that you can wear over usual footwear. The costume is suitable for a 180cm tall animator.

Panda costume is perfect for joyous children’s holidays (matinees, graduations, New Year’s parties, and stage plays) – young spectators simply adore this funny character! Comfortable construction of the life size mascot allows conducting active events; participate in round dances and contests requiring agility. This costume is suitable for carrying out public holidays and corporate events, entertaining children at amusement parks, distributing balloons, taking photos, and, of course, sharing happiness! Mascot costume of Panda can serve as a symbol of your company during expositions, fairs and sports championships. Such a positive character will attract visitor’s attention and leave only the most positive impressions of your brand or event. Your personal life size mascot is the sign of success and original approach towards representation of your brand. «Auguma Lelles» manufacture life size mascots only of the finest quality. Our costumes-mascots completely match the original characters of campaigns.