The costume of a mouse-girl consists of beige fur crop pants with a long tail, a blue blouse with white insets and rose flowers, pink gloves, blue slippers with white bobs and the removable mouse’s brown head part. Actor’s face is opened. The costume is suitable for a 160-165 cm tall actor.

Mice are considered popular characters in contemporary cartoons and fairy tales because they are very nimble, joyous and quick-witted. A stage play featuring such a big mouse will send children of pre-school and school age to raptures. It can be used in performances of children’s theatres, open air acts (e.g. at children’s communities or camps). The long tail of the character will bring additional play elements and amusing motions into the performance, which will undoubtedly catch fancy of the young spectators. Comfortable gloves allow executing all necessary actions – such a character can conduct round dances, contests and a lot of other dynamic actions without experiencing any discomfort!

Organise a memorable holiday with this vivid and kind character for your kid or even the entire class! You can give them the sea of unforgettable impressions, as well as to take outstanding photographs! The mouse can also serve as a symbol of a company, take part in public events and presentations.