The costume consists of red trousers and slippers, black shorts, black-white cloak and the removable stork’s head part with a long red beak. Sleeves of the costume are made in the shape of wings. Mouth area has a small opening for face. The life size mascot is manufactured of pleasant to the touch and high quality material. The costume is suitable for a 165-175 cm tall animator.

This costume-mascot served as a symbol of one of the Latvian schools, but also is perfectly applicable for celebrating a child’s Birthday, participating in stage plays, carrying out children’s matinees and graduations. When in motion, the bunch of feathers trembles which imitates flight and is received by small spectators with great joy! The costume of a stork is perfect for organising public and corporate events. It provides ease and comfort of movement for animator. We offer you to find learn the rest of the birds’ costumes from our assortment – with «Auguma Lelles» it is so simple to create a truly colourful and spectacular festivity! Use our services of arranging holidays featuring life-size mascots – our professional mascots-animators will produce an unforgettable show with favourite characters.

Moreover, this life size mascot can serve as a symbol of your company at different events, exhibitions and presentations. It will attract the attention of clients and increase recognition of your brand.