The costume consists of a black polo neck, red knee-length shorts, white gloves, black slippers and a big removable Mickey Mouse’s head part. Mouth area has a small opening for face. If desired, the costume can be supplied with a red New Year’s cap. Animator’s face is covered with a black net. Animator’s height is unlimited.

Despite the most recognisable mouse on the planet being already more than 80 years old, it is still not losing popularity and remains the most desirable guest at both children’s and adult parties! Clever and comfortable design allows participating in active events – contests at children’s matinees, graduations, corporate events, etc. If you are planning on a costumed party, rent the Mickey Mouse costume and you will definitely become the star of the evening! Our costumes are made of soft and high quality materials and bear a strong resemblance to the original characters. Dress like Mickey and surprise your close one – it will be long remembered!

Besides, this is a nice choice for carrying out public events and children’s city holidays. Take Mickey along for the opening ceremony or presentation of your company, and it will certainly bring you luck! Where is Mickey Mouse there is always fun and a lot of positive emotions!