The costume consists of a one-piece puffy jumpsuit manufactured of dark-blue fake fur with white belly, orange slippers in the shape of flippers, a red scarf, a figurine of ice-cream bar, and the removable penguin’s head part with orange beak. Actor’s face is opened. Back side has a zip fastener. The costume is suitable for a 165-170 cm tall actor.

This fairytale character will be a perfect addition to winter staged events (at kindergartens, schools theatre groups and winter camps). In spite of the fact that penguin’s arms terminate into flippers, they have an opening for gloves on the reverse side, which allows the mascot to freely hold objects, participate in round dances and competitions. The penguin can act as right hand of the Snow Maiden or become the protagonist of its own story. In any case, it is a very interesting and kind character which will catch every kid’s fancy!

Besides that, the mascot can serve as a symbol of a company during public events or presentations (e.g. a company specialising in fabrication of ice-cream or a winter entertainment centre). You can be sure that it will certainly attract attention and create a positive impression of your organisation!