The costume consists of a white soft vest, black jacket, black leggings, the removable sheep’s head part, black slippers and gloves with hoofs. Actor’s face is opened. The costume is suitable for a 160-165 cm tall actor.

This cartoon hero is known to everyone – amusing and clever Shaun the sheep is a favourite character of both children and adults! Be sure that a performance featuring this popular character will send spectators to raptures and will remain in children’s and their parents’ memory for long. This costume can be used to stage already known stories or invent something special. The jolly sheep will become a perfect addition to New Year’s party, children’s matinee or a home-staged performance in a large family.

Moreover, the costume is perfectly suitable for participation in public events and holidays held at agricultural enterprises and farms. It can also serve as a mascot at different expositions of farming achievements. This positive costume will certainly boost mood and make the atmosphere of any event more vivid and relaxed! Order the costumes of sheep and cow as a set to make decoration of your event even more spectacular and memorable. Finally, the costume can be used during presentations as a symbol of your company dealing with sheep breading or specialising in manufacturing of natural wool clothes.