The costume consists of the main part in the shape of an acorn on the foam frame with opening for legs and arms, green gloves with four fingers, green trousers and dark-brown soft slippers. The main part is covered with soft velvety fabric and has additional decorative elements in the shape of soft leaves. The costume is suitable for a 170-175 cm tall actor.

The costume is ideal for using at children’s stage plays (at kindergartens, schools and theatre groups) or for carrying out thematic children’s events – for example, dedicated to autumn or forest. You can be sure that a fairytale play featuring such a kind and amusing character will bring a lot of positive emotions and joy to kids!

Besides that, the costume can serve as a symbol of a company or organisation (e.g. specialising in forest industry or environmental protection). It will fit perfectly for conducting public events and holidays at parks and reservations. Owing to the comfortable design and removable parts, the costume can be used for advertising purposes: for instance, it can be used for distributing flyers and booklets of an organisation. Such a voluminous costume will definitely draw extra attention and leave a positive impression of your company.