The costume consists of a one piece fur jumpsuit of black-white spotted colouring and the removable dog’s head part with long ears, gloves and boots. Back side has a zip fastener. Actor’s face is opened. The costume is suitable for a 170 cm tall actor.

This lovely spotted costume will be perfect for a children’s stage play based on the “101 Dalmatians” cartoon. Such a fantastic hero will bring lots of joy and good mood! The costume is very comfortable to use; it is manufactured of soft and high quality material. Long ears amusingly hang about at its snout to kids’ great delight. You can be confident that this kind fairytale character will leave only the best emotions from a holiday – there is a good reason why a dog is regarded as the man’s friend!

In addition, the costume of a dog can serve as a symbol of a company (e.g. a dog nursery or a pet shop) during different presentations or thematic expositions. A person wearing such a costume can easily interact with clients and distribute firm booklets. It is a perfect solution for carrying out private festivities – children’s Birthday parties and graduations. An event featuring such an interesting character will remarkably enliven atmosphere and will be long remembered by both children and their parents.