The costume consists of a bright-pink puffy jumpsuit with tail and yellow belly, slippers of the matching colour, and the removable dragon’s head part with an opening for face. The opposite side of the costume has a dragon’s crest stretching out to the entire body length (from head to tail). Back side also has a zip fastener. The dragon is manufactured of bright and sleek synthetic textile. The costume is suitable for a 165-170 cm tall actor.

A stage play featuring such a spectacular character will catch every kid’s fancy! This is an ideal costume for staging fairy tales in which the dragon steals the princess – this famous plot can be interpreted in many ways and implemented using other costumes from our assortment. This costume is fit to be used in stage plays for children (matinees at kindergartens, New Year’s parties at schools, at theatre groups), Opening for face allows animator to interact with spectators and even conduct holiday contests.

The costume can serve as a symbol of a company providing goods and services for children during public events or presentations (for example, for a kids’-goods store or a toy store). This is a perfect choice for carrying out children’s events at amusement parks and playgrounds. Comfortable gloves allow animator to distribute balloons and take kids in arms for having a group photo taken.