The costume consists of a green open cut cloak made of fake fur with orange and red “feathers”, green britches, yellow knee socks, orange slippers, red-orange gloves and the removable parrot’s head part with yellow beak. Actor’s face is opened. The costume is suitable for a 165-170 cm tall actor.

This is a very vivid and elegant costume, which will look spectacular at any children’s event. It fits perfectly for school stage plays and graduations, theatrical acts and performances at entertainment evenings at children’s camps. This jolly parrot will bring a stream of positive emotions to any team! Open cut model of the costume allows animator to participate in active and dynamic events: it is easy to run and jump and swirl around, while the waving “feathers” will create an additional entourage.

As the animator’s face is opened, the fairytale character can freely interact with spectators, conduct a festive evening or a public event. The parrot can serve as a symbol of a company at presentations or fairs (e.g. of a pet shop, a company specialising in organisation of children’s holidays, or a toy store). In any case, it will certainly boost mood and tune everyone to the positive wave!