The costume consists of a dark-green velvet jumpsuit with pale-green belly and paws, green knee socks and slippers of the matching colour. The costume is decorated with small green beads attached to the paws and collar. Back side has a zip fastener. Actor’s face is opened. The costume is suitable for a 165-170 cm tall person.

If necessary, the costume of the Quacker can be easily transformed into the costume of the Princess Frog. All you need is to change accessories.

One of the most popular characters from favourite children’s books – quacker-frog! Stage plays based on the story of the bewitched Princess-Frog waiting for her fairytale prince to come to rescue are highly admired by little spectators, especially when the characters wear such beautiful and spectacular costumes! This costume can be used in stage plays about princesses-frogs and small happy froglings – it all depends on your fantasy. In any case, this is a high quality costume of pleasant colouring and material. This costume is very comfortable for jumping around, while small bells on the paws will jingle in time with motions sending young spectators to raptures.

This costume is perfect for making performances at children’s playgrounds and amusement parks, entertaining guests at a Birthday party, as well as for conducting public events for kids. This bouncy frogling can serve as a symbol of a company, nature resort or a recreation complex. The costume of such a fantasy character is able to boost mood and create a truly joyous and festive atmosphere!