The costume consists of a red fur cloak with sleeves in the shape of wings, a blue tail, the head part with big yellow beak, red furry britches, light-yellow leggings and yellow slippers in the shape of bird feet. The costume is manufactured of fake fur. Actor’s face is opened. The costume is suitable for a 165-170 cm tall actor.

This is a bright and colourful costume for carrying out children’s events, holidays and stage performances at kindergarten or school. Thanks to puffy wings, the costume produces a very spectacular effect. It will be perfect for staging acts from “Aladdin” cartoon, as the costume is the prototype of the famous Iago parrot. Opening for face allows animator to freely communicate with little spectators and involve them in the process, while the comfortable and open cut enables making active body motions – dances, participation in energetic contests, etc.

In addition, the costume can serve as a symbol of a company during different events and presentation (e.g. for a pet shop or a bird farm). The costume will fit perfectly for conducting public events at city parks and culture centres. This is a great choice for organising private children’s holidays!