The costume consists of the head part, gloves with claws and boots. The costume is made of high quality fake fur of light-grey and dark-grey colours. The rest of costume’s parts can be picked up optionally – a sailor’s stripped west and jeans are not obligatory accessories when ordering this costume. Actor’s face is opened. Actor’s height is unlimited.

The most popular villain character, an integral part of any staged play. This spectacular and interesting costume allows acting a charismatic character which is always in favour among children. It is fit for carrying out plays at kindergartens and schools, theatre groups and New Year’s parties. The costume is very comfortable for use which enables animator to make active body motions, conduct contests and round dances. Ordering the costume of a hare as one set, you will be able to organise an unforgettable performance based on the “Nu, pogodi!” cartoon, which will catch fancy of both children and adults.

Bouncy and rowdy looks of the wolf will bring in a special flavour to any children’s event. Substitute a regular host with this fascinating character, and your holiday will incredibly transform creating the atmosphere of joy and disorderly yet harmless conduct, which is so much admired by kids! The costume can be used in other public events, including corporate parties.