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Alongside making customised costumes we also offer rental of life size mascots. Our company possesses the real treasury of fairytale and cartoon heroes! After giving a definite amount of money as security (price depends on the model you choose) and agreeing upon the terms of rental you can receive the costume you like! Our assortment includes life size mascots of cartoon and fairytale heroes, different animals and even the ABC-book costume!

We offer rental of custom mascots to participate in public events – joyful fairytale heroes will lift the spirits and boost the mood of a festivity in no time. Our life size mascots have attended an enormous number of places and events, such as opening ceremonies of popular shops, city festivals, amusement parks and corporate parties… Human-size cartoon and fairytale heroes can make smile both children and adults. Rent a life size mascot from our assortment and make your child’s birthday party truly memorable. Likewise, you can present a special gift to your friends, colleagues or a special one – we guarantee that such an original surprise will produce a lasting impression and give you the sea of positive emotions.

Rental of life size mascots includes mascot-costumes for children’s events. No decent children’s matinee, graduation on New Year’s party can go without a well-planned program featuring favourite fairytale heroes. To make the holiday event of top notch it is necessary to have high-quality and gorgeous costumes which we are ready to offer! Visit our web site in the rental of mascot-costume for children’s events section and find the one that suits your needs. Our costumes are produced of soft, brightly and attractively coloured materials.

If you decided to open your own shop and are intended to display your products or services at an exposition, make sure the representation of your brand is right and memorable. A positive and charismatic character is the best assistant in representing your company and creating only the best impression. Rental of life size mascots – an advantageous and highly sought-after service as it is not always an option to order a custom made costume. Preparing to an advertising event pay attention to the vast assortment of life size mascots from our company – here you will definitely find something that will suit your goals and needs best.

Rental of life size mascots and costumes-mascots for children’s events is an excellent choice for those wishing to conduct vivid and diverse events. Each time you prepare a new festivity or holiday event you can pick up a new costume. We constantly supplement our collection with interesting and unusual characters from favourite cartoons. Besides that, we thoroughly keep an eye on the condition of each costume as we realise that multiple use can cause wear. The «» team takes care of all the life size mascots: costumes undergo regular inspection and preventive cleaning. You can reassure yourself of the perfect condition of every life size mascot.

Owing to the wide assortment, high quality of products and friendly prices for rental of life size mascots, our company enjoys the confidence of organisers of festive events and private companies.